Top Dog breed of world Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard breed was found by St. Bernard de Menthon , and they were bred by monks. These breed are the world most famous breed with his giant and friendly nature, Basically its a mixture of ancient Tibetan mastiff with Great Dane. In India the price of male saint Bernard and female saint Bernard can be around 20000 or more.


Saint Bernard breeds are powerful and muscular dogs. A Male saint Bernard dogs height can range around 28inches to 30 inches and weight can be between 65 kg to 85 kg, A Female Saint Bernard height 26 inches to 28inches and Weight can be between 55kg to 65kg.


As a Dog lover you must know What is good for your Dog health, Which food you should provide to your Dog or which food is not good for your Dog, If you consider them as a family member you will know what to feed your Dog so here I am providing you some basic food knowledge which you can use and help your Dog to grow well.

1:- Pedigree which is a Dog food rich in nutrition and best for every Dog breed. 2:- Royal Canin is Dog food which was Founded in 1968 in France mainly For cats and Dogs, its costly but it has best Quality in terms of Dogs and Cats food. 3:- Chicken and Eggs which are best for both human being and animals etc.


Every Dog breed needs to be groomed not on daily basis but weekly so if i talk about the Saint Bernard dog breed they have to be groomed twice a week because of there heavy coat.

Saint Bernard come in long and short hair vareities, but the thing is both types of coat require same treatment and maintaining them are not so easy.

Few products which can help you are mentioned below :-

1-Dog shampoo (Himalaya) 2-Hair Brush for Dogs 3-Treamor (Hair cutter for every breed) 4-Dog Hair oil 5-Dog hair Gloves

Litter Size

A Saint Bernard female comes on heat after 1 or 1.6 years, can give birth to around 10 to 12 puppies in mostly survival case are only for 7 puppies or 8 puppies and it may vary as per my experience for the better health of there babies mother Saint Bernard has to take good quality of food like below i mentioned are the best quality of food for large breed dog as Saint Bernard is massive in weight and height too.

Best Food for Saint Bernard

1-Puppy Cerelac with eggs 2-Puppy Cerelac with chicken


As you know Saint Bernard comes under large Dog breeds Due to there Awesome looks and there size and weight life expectancy varies from 10 years to 12 years some time it is more or less based on you how you take care of your Dog. There are few calcium and protein vitamins which comes for every Dogs breeds like Body Gainer, Dog Suppliment.

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