Labrador Retrievers

  1. Labrador Retrievers

This Dogs breed is best breed in India as well as other countries also, you can find this breed in near by places because they are well behave easy to train, easy to handle and consider to be Family friendly Dog. These Dogs breed was use by Fisherman to catch fishes in Ancient times and was also use for hunting purposes they are hardworking as there ancestors was, today they are most popular Breed in India and america and many more countries because of there nature.


Males Dogs stand 22.5 to 24.5 inches, and weight is around 65 to 80 pounds. Females bitches can stand 21.5 to 23.5 inches, and weight is around 55 to 70 pounds.

Foods For Labrador Retrievers

As per your food Concern there are many food items present in market which you can buy but the thing is what to buy for pet who is now living with you as your family member. There are few Criteria where your dog belong too which you have to follow below:- 1-Puppy Food– 2 Months to 15 Months (BUY) 2-Adult Dogs Food – 15 Months to 6 years (BUY)

Food which i mentioned above to buy are the best for your Dog breed, i am using these product from last few months my Dogs really love these product.

Health Problems

Nowadays many of you must have observe health issue in your Dogs like Cataracts,Myopathy , Gastric Dilation, Ear Infection etc.


As in Human beings Cataracts can also be found in Dogs in Any age,best part is that there is cure for that you can spot Cataracts on eyes of your Dogs and the worst part is that if you Didn’t notice this can cause severe problems to your Dogs He/she will Not be able to see(vision loss) if Ignored.


This Disease can be seen at early age as it is a heritable disease sign you can see when he/she starts walking,Exercising after few hours he/she will collapse,will be tired, as there is no treatment you have to just keep your Dog warm and healthy by Providing Good food.This is Disease of muscle in which muscle Fiber does not work properly.


Commonly called Bloat.This Disease is caused due to Too much consumption of food or water per day,which effects Dog breed like Labrador and German shepherd and many more. In this case Dog stomach is full of food and water it will cause pain, and they will frequently vomit and ignorance can cause Loss of your Dog.


Ear Infection is cause due to water because Labrador love to play in water,you can prevent this by regular checking his/her ear.

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