Best Foods For Pregnant Dogs

I always use to feed animals mainly Dogs and cats, when i was younger i used to spend my full day with them everyday my mom shouts at me “say i will kick you out of my house” and i was lucky that time she didn’t kicked me, at that time i was not knowing about any Dog breed because i was a Dog lover Not a Specific breed Lover.

Whenever my mom Cook anything for me i just taste the food and hide the food with plate somewhere after my mom go to bed for sleep, i took the full plate which was made only for me to my lovely creature on earth Dogs and best part was after they saw me coming near to them they start wagging there tails like they know me from years ago.

These innocent creature we called them Dogs are best as comparison to Human beings, Human beings live there life as per there circumstances and Dogs have to live as per there circumstances like if we talk about beggars they ask money for there survival And if we talk about Dogs they only need love and care and food to eats in return they will give you Happiness while licking your face,hand and any portion you give them but few human beings they continue to there begging life not doing anything making no efforts.

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Pregnant Dog

Female Dogs go through there heats cycle on every 5 to 6 months in a year which means there are huge chances of becoming pregnant like in human being female go through there cycle in every months on particular days, so for dogs when the female bitch is on heat male Dogs can sense and understand that this is the time for mating this process can last for 8 days to 16 days or more,male dogs make there every effort count.

After this heat cycle Male Dog who was able to mate with His female companion starts living with her taking care of everything about female companion (dog). The female Dog who became Pregnant now has to take good food which has to be rich in nutrition, so for there food concern many company has made there food which is rich in every thing whatever dogs needs in her Pregnancy days.

Few top brands for you

Pedigree Royal Cannin Meatup

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Many dogs will not eat when the timing of giving birth to there puppies is within 24 hours or near by, for that you don’t have to worry i have an Pomeranian dog she gave birth to 3 male healthy puppies, i used to Mixed this Meat Up Chicken Gravy with her food and she ate after my lots of effort and now her babies are too healthy.

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