Alaskan malamute dog breeds are the oldest dogs, mainly found in arctic regions also known as sled dogs.They were used for hunting purposes because of there heavy body structure people use them as a helping hands.

They migrated in North america 4000 years ago, as they were sledge dogs before and after migration they became more Powerful and was use by people to carry heavy loads for long distances as these breed was having more power then other dogs breeds present in there region and these breeds was use in Group of 5 to 8 Dogs as per quantity of loads which has to be carry from one place to other.

The Arctic Dog breeds like Siberian husky was use before to carry lighter loads on sleds,huskies are racers and malamute are freighters which means a large ship which can carry heavy loads from one place to other.


Male height can reach from 20 inches to 25 inches with help of good nutrition food present below.

Female height can reach from 18 inches to 23 inches with help of good nutrition food present below.


Male weight can reach up to 85 pounds to 90 pounds depends on your quantity and quality of food you gave to your dog breeds.

Female weight can reach up to 75 pounds to 80 pounds depends on your quantity and quality of food you gave to your dog breeds.

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy can be around 14 years or more you can not judge as it is totally depends on you how you take care of your babies.


Alaskan Malamute should have a very good diet chart as they are having a good quality of coat plus size are bigger than other dog breeds,they are trained to carry loads of product from one place to other.

So in this case they really need a good quality plus quantity of food for there consumption,which help them to survive in arctic region where it is not possible for other dog breeds to survive in that region. Before providing any food to any age of this dog breeds you must concern a veterinary doctor because this breed is prone to get overweight due to there frequent eating nature, below are some food items you can gave them:-

1 :-Pedigree

2:-Royal Cannin



Basically Grooming is part of every Dog breeds and human beings also,like human beings style there hairs frequently by using some products, in the same way Dogs also need to be groomed every week using certain products like Combs, Dog shampoo,Soaps,Trimmer, hair dryer And many more items.

As Alaskan malamute dog breed is large dog breed which has long coat and sheds 2 times in a year which is seasonal but brushing should be done every 2nd day because of there coat which is too large to can bath them weekly without any issues but do not trimmed there nails as other dog breeds,you can use conditioner after there coat get dry.


As Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed is large dog breed which has to be checked up regularly plus there teeth should brush regularly to avoid building of wax.

These Dog breeds can have major issues in there hip area due to there height, weight and due to excess breeding which has to be checked by veterinary Doctor.


As per my concern Dog training is very important Part of every dog breeds and owner of dogs because it helps both dog as well as owner will be happy if his/her dog follow there instructions without any disturbance or damaging property of owner and dog training is best to make your dog to do tricks while providing there dogs treats which motivates dogs to follow every instruction which he is capable of performing. As every dog is greedy wants to eat more and more food so they will do anything to get there foods.